Dr. Dumitru Fetcu



Phone: +40 268 411922

Mobile: +40 752775722

E-mail: dumitru.fetcu@transterm.ro

or: DFetcu@qsihp.com


Professor at TRANSILVANIA University of Brasov, Romania, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Chair of Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics.

Research interests include the entire heat pipe field.

Dr. Dumitru Fetcu received his PhD (1983) in Thermodynamics from the TRANSILVANIA University of Brasov, Romania.

PhD dissertation title: “The heat pipe – a new technology in heat transfer. Contributions to the study of heat recovery by heat pipe heat exchangers”. Because of the great interest in heat recovery the thesis was a result of many scientific research contracts between University and different Romanian enterprises.  

Dr. Dumitru Fetcu is author of two books. One book is about  heat pipes (For details click the link); author or coauthor of more than 60  publications (For details click the link) in the field of heat pipes and conducted more than 70 scientific research contracts (For details click the link). Also, he is author of 18 patents (For details click the link) in the heat pipe field.

Dr. Dumitru Fetcu attended as local teacher a TEMPUS Program of the Commission of the European Communities: “European Master of Science Degree in Energy Management and Mechanical Engineering” and visited for two months The Free University of Brussels, Belgium and Southampton University, UK.

Attended the action “Cooperation in science and technology with central and eastern European countries – go west fellowship scheme” organized by the Commission of the European Communities. The proposed research work was “The heat pipe-a new technology for energy saving in industry”. The host institution was Scurrah Hytech Products Ltd., U.K.

Dr. Dumitru Fetcu has established in 1990, as unique partner, the private company TRANSTERM, taking advantage of the new legislation that emerged after the Revolutionary Events of December 1989.

Between 2003 - 2006 Dr. Dumitru Fetcu worked with a Canadian Company and TRANSTERM manufactured for it different kind of heat pipe based heat exchangers. (For details click the link)

In 2006 Dr. Dumitru Fetcu started in UK from scratch a heat pipe manufacturing facility together with some UK investors and held the position of main shareholder and technical director. He left this company in 2012.

Between 2012 and 2014 Dr. Dumitru Fetcu acted as independent heat pipe expert and created the affordable sodium heat pipe manufacturing technology.

In January 2014 Dr. Dumitru Fetcu joined the company QUINN SOLUTIONS INC., Canada as Chief Design and Process Engineer. At the end of 2014 the Company started a manufacturing facility in Brasov, Romania and in April 2015 delivered the first 1,300 heat pipes (11.8 m long each) for a large USA Power Station combustion air preheater. Click here to see some photos during heat pipes installation on site.

At the beginning of 2017 Dr. Dumitru Fetcu resumed the experimental research on liquid metals high temperature heat pipes.

During 2019 Dr. Dumitru Fetcu developped a new special heat pipe (patent pending) for applications in rotational molding industry.

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